Tummy Tuck

Tummy Tuck

Tummy Tuck Holiday with Dr. Pichit Siriwan

If you have been exercising twice as much as you did before, dietary, healthy food, and still just cannot take away that chunk of skin and fat on your tummy. Tummy tuck could help you to meet your goal in combining with a wonderful holiday in Thailand.

What is Tummy Tuck?

Tummy Tuck is a procedure where your tummy gets smaller, tighter and flatter. The excess skin is removed from your abdomen. The cause of it can be from pregnancy, weight loss, previous surgery, genetics, etc. In some cases, tummy tuck may combine with liposuction on abdomen for a better result. The looser and sagging you have then you are a more suitable candidate for tummy tuck. However, if your abdomen is tight and you have a difficulty to grab the skin on your abdomen then you are more likely to be candidate for liposuction.

What are the expectations?

Tummy Tuck takes approximately 3 hours to perform and you will be under general anesthesia. Dr. Pichit Siriwan will remove the excess skin on your abdomen. In the meantime, he will also tighten your abdomen muscles inside which can be loosen due to your pregnancy and as the result will give you a better waste line. The typical incision is from hipbone to hipbone. However, if your excess skin is extended to your sides or back, the surgeon may recommend an extended tummy tuck and the incision will be longer.
As mentioned earlier that in some cases, Liposuction will be recommended to be done together with tummy tuck to help in loosen more skin for the surgeon to be able to grab and pull more of the excess skin to be removed. As the result, you will have tighter and firmer abdomen but not too tight as iron board or you won’t be able to stand up back straight.

How you plan for your Tummy Tuck Holiday?

Tummy Tuck is quite a big procedure. It is advised that you rest a lot, be humble and not walk too much after surgery. The recovery time is longer than other surgery. Therefore, listen to your body and do not push too much into the shopping or sightseeing after the surgery. It would be recommended that you do all shopping and sightseeing before tummy tuck surgery and then after just make sure you rest well. You should arrive at least 1 day in Thailand before your consultation day. Next day is your consultation and surgery day. You will be discussing about your expectations and all questions with Dr. Pichit Siriwan before surgery so make sure that you have clear all questions you have. You are expecting bruising and swollen but that shall be disappeared within a few weeks depending on how well and how fast your body can recover. It is very important that you must stop smoking and drinking 14 days before and after surgery.

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