Face Lift

Face Lift

Face Lift Thailand Holiday with Dr. Pichit Siriwan

Imagine how wonderful your face lift holiday in Thailand will be where you will be having surgery and also enjoy your holiday at the same time during your recovery time. You depart from home for a holiday looking tired and return with a younger and fresher look. You can expect 10-20 years younger at the end of your holiday.

What is Face Lift?

Face Lift surgery can be done as “Full Face Lift” consists of Mid Face, Neck and Temporal Lift or just Mid Face and Neck Lift. In some case, you may as well consider having excess eyelid skin removed or direct eyebrow lift at the same time to achieve better result if those areas are also troubled you.

What are the expectations?

Face Lift takes approximately 3 hours of surgery and you will be under general anesthesia. The aim for Face Lift surgery is naturally younger look. Dr Pichit Siriwan performs sophisticated facelift by removing excess skin and tighten the underlying muscles to ensure you have a longer lasting result. Most of the incision will be hidden under your hairline. You will be discussing more in details about your expected outcome directly with the surgeon during the face to face consultation before surgery.

How you plan for your Face Lift Thailand Holiday?

You should arrive at least 1 day in Thailand before your consultation day. Next day is your consultation and surgery day, stay 2 nights in hospital and you may do some sightseeing during your recovery time but not too much or too stressful. You are advised to rest well and listen to your body. You are expecting bruising and swollen but that shall be disappeared within a few weeks depending on how well and how fast your body can recover. It is very important that you must stop smoking and drinking 14 days before and after surgery.

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